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Building Bridges For Peace: UPF Meets Brotherhood Of Cross And Star

UPF Nigeria recently welcomed members of the Brotherhood of Cross and Star for a collaborative meeting, aiming to explore opportunities for cooperation. Discussions centered on African spirituality, peace principles, and forgiveness, highlighting shared values. The meeting concluded with plans for future collaborations, including an upcoming interreligious conference

By UPF Africa

Written by UPF Africa

Monday, March 18, 2024



Representatives from the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Nigeria recently hosted a collaborative meeting with members of the Brotherhood of Cross and Star. Both organizations, driven by a shared vision of peace, sought to explore avenues for cooperation and mutual understanding.

The meeting, facilitated by Dr. George Ikpot, Secretary-General of UPF Nigeria, commenced with a prayer and introductions of the attendees. Discussions encompassed various topics, including African Spirituality, Principles of Peace, and the Importance of Forgiveness.

Patriarch Amah Williams, representing the Brotherhood of Cross and Star, underscored their core principles of love and peace. He emphasized the pivotal role of peace in liberating individuals and highlighted the significance of forgiveness in achieving harmony. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with UPF, Patriarch Williams conveyed the Brotherhood's commitment to promoting peace.

General Manager Ogar Osim of Starcross Television delivered a thought-provoking address on African spirituality, emphasizing that peace and solutions are inherent to Africa. He also announced plans for a broader platform to showcase UPF activities at the upcoming June interreligious conference at Merit House, Abuja.

Rev. Nkanta, President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Nigeria, delivered an enlightening lecture on the Divine Principle, further enriching the dialogue.

Discussions also included plans for future collaborations, including the June interreligious conference and presentations on the Divine Principle. The meeting concluded with a group photo, symbolizing the strengthened relationship between UPF and the Brotherhood of Cross and Star, as they work together towards the common goals of Peace and Harmony.

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