International Association of First Ladies for Peace

The International Association of First Ladies for Peace (IAFLP) is a project of UPF's International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP). IAFLP affirms and uplifts the unique and essential role of First Ladies in contributing to peace and development. IAFLP, in collaboration with the Women's Federation for World Peace, brings together current and former First Ladies from throughout the world, drawing upon their experience and wisdom as women leaders and as role models who serve their countries and their societies in very essential and significant ways.

Inaugural Resolution of the International Association of First Ladies for Peace (IAFLP)

As participants in the World Summit 2020 on “Peace, Security and Human Development” in Seoul Korea, from February 2-8, 2020, we affirm the unique and essential role that women leaders are called to play in bringing about a world of lasting peace.  We also appreciate and recognize the very significant role that First Ladies have in their countries and within society, as leaders, visionaries, role models and examples to the citizens of the country.

The Universal Peace Federation, in convening World Summit 2020, has established several associations that are developing collaborative networks in several core areas.  Among these associations, which are projects of UPF, the flagship among then is the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP), an association that brings together current and former heads of state and government to deliberate on the critical issues facing humanity at this time.  The ISCP will also include current and former First Ladies.  

With this in mind, and as a part of the ISCP, and with the support of the WFWP, an initial meeting of the International Association of First Ladies for Peace was convened in December of 2019 in the Republic of Palau, hosted by the First Lady of Palau, Madam Debbie Remengesau. The theme of this high-level meeting of First Ladies in Palau was “Building a World of Lasting Peace: Towards a First Ladies Initiative”.

We all seek a world in which people of all nationalities, races, cultures can discover their uniqueness and value, learn to love and be loved, and live in peace and harmony. Throughout human history, women and mothers have always played a central role in supporting their husbands and nurturing and raising their children to be virtuous citizens. They have also been decisive contributors to reconciliation, peacebuilding, reconstruction and development in the wider society and world.

A woman’s motherly nature, her empathy toward the vulnerable, her preference to work in consensus, her natural bridge-building instinct, her commitment to peace and to defending social justice, and her consideration for the roles of nurturing and healing are but a few of many essential character traits needed to bring harmony and reconciliation in a wounded world.

We applaud with deepest gratitude and respect the leadership of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, their vision, sacrifice and example over many decades to create a world that is interdependent, mutually prosperous and based on universally shared values: “One Family Under God.”

Today we propose that women leaders from all national, racial and religious backgrounds and all sectors of society, together with those who have lived the responsibility of First Ladies in their nations unite in solidarity to respond to today’s challenges. The loving and sacrificial leadership of women working together to empower our youth for goodness, to build cohesive communities and, with men, establish models of ethical and balanced leadership to guide them - has never been more critical.

Encouraged by the commitment and compassion of women leaders here present and around the world, a new partnership movement is being launched. This initiative is being led by First Ladies, civil society and the private sector for the sake of providing a life of dignity for all people and a world of lasting peace. On this, the 5th Day of February, the participants of the World Summit 2020 held in Seoul, Korea do unanimously endorse the resolution to establish the International Association of First Ladies for Peace, as a part of the International Summit Council for Peace. We will support the great work of ISCP and will work collaboratively with the other associations that are part of the Universal Peace Federation.


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